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Shipping & Packing

Golf Club and Luggage Shipping

Why hassle with the airlines when you could have your golf clubs and suitcases waiting for you when you arrive at your destination?

We ship your Golf Clubs in special boxes Directly to your hotel or resort, Our boxes will insure your items will not be damaged and they will be fully insured.
The airlines’ charge extra baggage fees so the cost is about the same and you don’t have to hassle with your clubs in the airline baggage areas or in and out of Taxi cabs.

If you request we will also have a prepaid label included in your shipment for return to your home. Just put the items back in the box they came in and affix the return label and the hotel will arrange for a return pickup, We make it easy. Just ask us to include a roll of tape in your box, for easy return shipping.

Moving? Packing up a relatives home?

We know packing anyone up for any reason is difficult enough.  On top of that where do you start?  Boxes, bubble wrap, tape, more boxes, peanuts.  The list can seem as endless as the task of going through things, and where to begin.  Don’t worry though.  With our reasonably priced supplies, we can get you off on the right foot everytime.  You can bring in the items you are uneasy packing on your own, and trust that everything will be packaged correctly everytime, and will make it there in one piece.